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This was the Admin of Panetera and seems he used his good name to get out early and take greed over. I should have got out on my first time plan expiry. I thought it would be a hit and run and rather support the program. I always try to think there is good in the world and try to overextend. I will not do this from now on. I was wrong again. Too bad the admin was greedy. Is is certain he could have run it longer as the profits are very low and the design is very good to go away so soon. He was even getting daily deposits and that is nothing compared to what he was giving out to investors The program gave our less than 1% profit in general. For my almost 30 days involvement I got only 25% back from my $300. If he is getting investments like $1k or even $500 a day it is like he should have active investments of atleast $50k or $100k to drain those $500 or $1k daily investments. I clearly see its a greedy move when i see the stats. The stats are just from monitors. There are many investors who have referred too and they have big investors under them as well. I again feel sad for my referrals. I get pissed off when i see admins acting in such a way and i see many good admins even managing with small investors and trying to run as long as they can. I hoped the program was not over because it has potential but its all in vain for us and greed from the admin. Pathetic!


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