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ADDED: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 153 Days        

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12 Jun,2018 ->
Pays on time, rapid answer to queries and corrects any problem immediately.Great!!!
12 Jun,2018 ->
Hello Mohamed Tarek. 0.00063000 BTC has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 13CSKLdWmXujt4Y2ycEpfX2QeybvfpZGVt. Transaction batch is dcc52752ae95ab4a5d5c979457aeeed52c95570f46c8350bf8b7b9f503f9d9cf. Bit Contract Ltd.
11 Jun,2018 ->
Project is paying instantly guys and having good daily interest rates here Good to see program growing nicely I will soon making a reinvestment here :) Payment batch - 2b4bb5c33c8333c4197dca24d864e3bf9bdfdb205e731dcea9497640ab43be30
10 Jun,2018 ->
Very nice and perfect. A profitable program get pay without any problem.
10 Jun,2018 ->
Just look at the stats, since joined here i have double my investment and will continue to do so.

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